Andrés Santiago Colombo, aka Andy Colombo, is a composer working in a variety of media such as film, games, TV and advertising. Innovative and versatile, he creates music within a broad range of genres. He is also skilled in production, sound design, editing, mixing and sound implementation.

Even though Andrés ‘tickled the ivories’ as a young child, his real incursion into music was at a later stage with the guitar. He had studied with various tutors different guitar techniques and styles including Classic, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Metal, and Spanish Flamenco among others. At some point he started experimenting with sound and music technology and began recording his own creations. Later on, he pursued an academic career that to the present includes an MA in Composition for Film, Games and TV, a BA in Sound Post production and an AA in Music and Music Production.

In 2006 Colombo began composing for the media and kept working on since. He has written music for a number of projects including ad campaigns for Disney and Volkswagen, and the award-winning documentary ‘Voces de Latinoamerica’ among others.

Throughout his musical career, Andy has also produced and recorded several independent artists and bands. He also founded the rock band ‘Bombay’ with which he played guitars for a couple of years. Now, when he is not writing cinematic music, he works on his own, instrumental/progressive/fusion/psychedelic rock, side project.

Passionate about his job, Andy likes to experiment and push the boundaries. He is always open to new challenges and willing to create outstanding and unique music.

Co-Director at Cromo Musica Spain, where he keeps scoring and producing music for motion pictures.